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About Email Marketing

eMail marketing is the process of pitching sales for your product and services or creating awareness to your target audience through emails.  

eMail marketing has become a prominent part for organization from decades, as it’s not only a cost-effective approach but helps you to send your sales or information pitch directly to your target audience. eMail marketing have proven success and if you ask to any business, they won’t hesitate to ignore it. Even measuring your campaign reach is so easy with new modernized tools that gives you out complete picture that how campaign is performing.

It’s less expensive compared to other forms of marketing, eMail helps to drive out sales and with all the customisation and integration, this can have a longer impact on the audience. Through email marketing you get the results of the campaign that you have published and you can keep a track of your results and spend accordingly. Email marketing makes it more specific on how much you want to spend on a single campaign and you can even track down how many customers are actually interested.

Why Your Brand Needs Our Email Marketing Service?
Stay in constant touch
Build better relationship with customers
Generate Leads
Increase sales for your business
Cost-effective method
Do more with less

Right from the 90’s when the promotional mail was sent to the specific target audience, this kept on evolving and took marketing to a whole new level. In this Digital era, email marketing is prioritised more than traditional marketing as through email customers get all the information and it becomes easier for them to reach the people if necessary or if the customer has some query regarding the email.

eMail is a powerful method to reach out the decision makers. With the right content and subject line, there are greater chances of conversion. Any Email with a genuine content and with a bit of creativity, attracts customers which in return will benefit your business and also will bring up more traffic and conversions.

Our Email Marketing Checklist

eMail has the tendency to keep your customers informed whether you are introducing a new product or service, it will help you to keep your target audience group in constant touch. By email marketing we can track down how many customers have been through the email, how many have clicked, how many ignored and how many did not even open the email. Email marketing makes the marketing service more specific and with it becomes more beneficial for the company to spend in a wise manner to the targeted audience.

  • We devise proper plan for campaign
  • We ensure all form addresses have been fulfilled
  • Subject line be compelling enough
  • Using advanced analytics & tracking
  • Better timing deliverability
  • Ensuring all links are working
  • Utilizing dynamic content
  • Ensuring all guidelines are met
Case Study: How Email Marketing Helped This Client Generate 200% More Leads
With open rate of 50% CTR, we could generate 200% increase in leads!


An educational institution were finding hard time in generating qualitative leads for their academic program. They had a constraint on budget and were skeptical about eMail marketing as they had tried with other agencies but didn’t work.


We ensured that every mail which is being sent out to the addressee has been subjected with name first. The next step was the CTA which resulted in 50% click-to-open rate and generate 200% more leads than their previous agency which they worked with.

Our Email Marketing Process

Content is the key role which plays in eMail marketing. At Digiolic, we have content writer experts who write content that engages your audience making a larger impact by making use of meaningful sentence in a creative manner that offers the valuable resource to the audience. In email marketing content is the main body and this is the part from where we can bring maximum number of traffic or conversion which is beneficial for your business.


Colours and design are the basic elements of an eMail. That denotes what message it wants to carry and convey to your readers. The basic goal would be attracting the reader with creative usage of image and multimedia. Customising the email makes it more noticeable and also brings up more attention to the readers. Here at Digiolic, we compare and try to prepare the design for your email so that it gets maximum number of traffic and conversion for your business.

Setting up of objective that what are we going to achieve out of this, planning out strategies, type of content and the timing. With this checklist planned, we take on eMail marketing to the next level. To make the perfect plan, research is also very important and the plan should stand out or be very unique. We strategically plan a perfect plan so that your audience can get the best.

No matter in which era we live in, eMail marketing never gets old.

After a successful campaign, we don’t stop here. There are numerous metrics that we present to you through analytics, we can determine the audience behaviour that has been progressed throughout eMail marketing journey. This part is very important as this will give you the actual result of the campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing eMail list wouldn’t be ideal as the source is unidentified and not aware how genuine it is. Even the status of those email IDs are not known. We can help you get in touch with relevant industry for business leads to be generated.

With the goals that has been defined for your business, eMail marketing has in-depth track-ability and analysis factors. Each metrics will showcase how successful the eMail marketing campaign was for your business.

We are a full fledged digital marketing agency, with Digiolic, you needn’t worry about anything. We have got it all covered for you, From custom designing an email template to writing content for that.

  • Achieved better open rate
  • Get more click-through-rate (CTRs)
  • Avoid getting spammed
  • Better customer acquisition
  • Improved tracking and deliverable

If we receive an open rate of 3% to 8% from the campaign, as per the industry trends is successful one. We try to break industry set standards and wish to give the most to our clients with implementing unique strategy that results.


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If you want better click-through rates, elegant design, strong subject lines and achieving your goals of eMail marketing through gaining traffic to your website and conversion rate, think no further, give us a call or drop down a mail to make this happen!