Lead Generation Services

What is Lead Generation?

First let us elaborate who is a lead? A lead is a person who’s interest level is high in obtaining the product or service from your organization.

Lead Generation is the process of converting unknown person to lead by implications of lead generation techniques.

According to Hubspot, Online leads costs 61% less than offline leads. When you have a proper clarity of a valid sales lead, you can perform better on customer’s buying journey. 

When you are running a business which is running towards paid promotion,  and do not execute the ads correctly, there’s going to be a massive amount of loss and the conclusion would lead to loss of money and productivity.

Every business has a different story in which there has to be spending lot of time in analyzing your value of product and service offering. There has to be a perfectly crafted plan so that you may fill the sales gaps and get your organization on a fast track which can turn out to be a profitable venture.

Why Your Brand Needs Our Lead Generation Service?
Increase Reach
Reaching huge set of target audience
Quality Leads
Generating prospective leads
Measurable Results
Better tracking & analytics

No matter what scale of business you are operating, sales leads are vital to your business growth. It can be a tedious process for the sales executives to validate the leads and majority of time will be wasted on it. There are many ways or sources where leads may come from, such as activities, for example, digitally via the Internet, through personal referrals, through telephone calls either by the company or telemarketers, through advertisements and events. A study from 2015 has found that 89% of respondents cited email as the most used channel for generating leads which is followed by content marketing, search engines and finally events. Again, a study from 2014 found that direct traffic, search engines and web referrals were the three most popular online channels for lead generation.

Our Lead Generation Checklist

Our lead generation services have been used across several sectors.Travel, hospitality, tech companies and many more. You name it, we have the solution for you. We have a good team of professional digital marketers who delivers the best services required. Our Digiolic team is very much interested and very much keen to give you the most updated tech and services available in the market so that your company gets the maximum leads possible. Day by day the world is becoming more technological and people prefer technology as it minimises the human work and makes things easier for the humans.

  • We research about your business
  • We establish goals for campaign
  • We design the campaign & set objectives
  • We make the acquisition plan
  • Setting up different channels to generate leads
  • Analyze campaigns
  • Improve & optimize campaign
  • Detailed analytics reports
Case Study: How We Generate 3000+ Leads For our real estate client @ Rs. 60/lead

Using smart marketing analytics and better campaign optimizations, we were able to achieve the number.




Our Lead Generation Process

We study your business and make a complete report before executing the project, How it works? What kind of target audience you have? Where are you currently positioning your product or service at? Demographics and geographic conditions and so on. We decide what medium suits the best for your business to generate the leads.


After the analysis of various factors which were taken place during research phase, we design the campaigns and execute it. Whether the motive is for branding or lead generation we execute the campaign.

When the campaign is in progress and driving the relevant traffic to your website, we will check the ad performance, how efficient and effective the campaign was and track the conditions which is being influenced by demographic or geographical conditions. We keep on optimizing the results until we get the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When there are so many companies present in the market, no company can perform better as we do.

To identify, nurture and prospect quality leads, it requires lot of knowledge and abilities to perform. We are the lead generation experts who can serve you to get sales leads that are significant and quantifiable.

We won’t be dealing with cold calling process, the leads which will be generated will be purely done from online web campaigns which we initiate through SEM, eMail or Social media campaigns.

First week, we will be running an test campaign to estimate the market conditions. We can give you complete details about the campaign, the cost which will be incurred and the leads which we will be able to generate for you.

  • All leads generated are genuine 
  • Sales qualified leads
  • Quality lead volumes
  • Exceptional customer service

Leads will be shared through Google sheets and we send out a notification saying that the list has been updated. Detailed report will be shared on every weekend basis about campaign activities.


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If your business has the requirement for lead generation that you seek for quality leads, think no further, here is where Digiolic comes to your rescue. State all your needs and demands we will design tailored option exclusively for your business which you may select any one of them and leave the rest on us.