Online Reputation Management Service

What exactly is ORM?

Online reputation management (ORM) in simple layman’s language would be all about people’s perception and their experience or understanding about a brand or service they opted for. They put out their thoughts depending on their experience with your business on social media channels, sometimes it maybe genuine or fake where your competitors are trying to defame your business, this will influence on other consumers. Having a good image online will save your reputation and keep your revenue number ticking. But, when there are bad remarks, it hurt your business.

Why your brand needs our ORM Service?
Strong Content
Publishing on high DA websites
Engaging Audience
Increase brand trust
Monitoring Tools
In-Depth Analytics

A research report states that “90% of consumers say that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions”. Having said this, don’t let this hurt your brand’s reputation. Customers are in the free world when it comes in social platforms, they have all rights to express their views without any restrictions set to them. Online reputation is like the backbone of the company since customers are free to express their views. It is very important for the company to manage a good reputation online because it may also lead to conversions and more traffic.

Our ORM Checklist

Your online presence is like a picture of you showcased to the entire world. We follow the specialized process in ways to deal with it. ORM of your business should stand out and should be unique compared to rest of the businesses. This takes place by monitoring, evaluating and devising a strategy to help you build your corporate identity.

  • Extensive research on all review platforms
  • Business and competitor analysis
  • Checking opportunities on all media platforms
  • Reaching out to the reviewers
  • Genuine customer reviews posting
  • We publish positive blogs across content sharing platforms
  • We do Press Releases and increase credibility
  • We boost social media channels and build strong network audience
Case Study: How ORM Helped This Brand Gain New Customers
28% increase in customer walk-in at a leading restaurant


One of our client from food & beverage industry had hard time in brand perception amongst customers. The brand had a perception that the place is meant only for the people who are club goers and place which is perfect to host a party. But in reality, the place is awesome and had various levels in the building which it was targeting to all age groups. This issue made them to loose audience from other groups.


We devised strong content strategy across social media channels, reaching out to top influencers, creating brand guidelines and making press releases on high authorative websites. This resulted pretty well and saw rise in customer walk-in at the restaurant. This helped us a lot and made to put smile on our client’s face.

Our ORM Process

We conduct extensive brand research about your business, basic factors would be like how are the business operating presently, checking stats on all of your social media platforms, checking how your competitors are working, providing feedback related to external factors which are influencing on your business. After conducting complete research, we handover the analysis report of the first phase of ORM development.


After the research and analysis has been conducted, we ensure to se the right strategy for your beneficial depending on variable factors, we devise a plan for your business. Whether it’s going to reaching out to your target audience, creating more social media channels, generate content and publish using press releases, reaching out to the review companies is all planned based on the report which we generate for you.

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We proactively start working on the plan which we made. We have our partners who handles the rest incase if we need any endorsements or social media profile creation and optimization or requesting to reviewers to remove the negative reviews which they have published and other factors. We generate the relevant content and use health practices of executing ORM process for your business.

Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.

After building, restoring and securing your brand’s reputation online. Your business online presence is like a picture of itself which is being showcased to the entire world. After through research, evaluation, implementing strategies we constantly monitor your brand and give you the report that has made Digiolic to be the voice of your brand online.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to online reputation management of any business, we need to work on all possible channels to recover your reputation and boost with positive ones. SEO helps to rank your website, while social media marketing services helps to build brand image and content management services to build the reputation. We provide the best online reputation management services in Bangalore, India. With our past experience dealing with ORM services with several clients, these will be the strategies SEO, SMM and Content marketing resulting positive growth in ORM of your business.

Depending on the level of damage that has caused on your business due to negative reviews, comments, spam backlinks on your website, the timings of ORM coming into action are unpredictable. Usually online reputation management services comes into effect within one to three months. The worst case scenario could go up-to one year from the service initiated. With the proper planning and implementing the strategy effectively, ORM is going to result well and you can see the complete makeover of your brand.

We regret to say that this is almost an impossible task as the website owners of reviewers or the individual who has started spamming can’t be tracked whole. But what we do at Digiolic is that we request these webmasters and admins of respective groups of forums to remove or replace those mentions with proper due justifications giving to them. That’s the reason we opt to go for SEO, SMM and Content marketing strategies to sideline the negative mentions and build your brand reputation from scratch.

  • Qualitative blog posts 
  • Positive social media branding
  • Building reviews across channels
  • Effective press releases

If you are seeking to take legal help, don’t prefer this step as this process is time consuming and waste of money where the legal tussles go more than a year. If it has damaged your reputation directly with false beliefs being thrown at you then you might consider this step filing a defamation on them. Generally, businesses opt to go with the ORM services that will help their business to recover their online reputation management.


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We know how much you value your business and efforts taken to build it. Connect with us and get your online strategy planned, all that we can say is to leave your worries and count on us.